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Steve Hendrickson

If the Twin Cities were Hollywood, actor Steve Hendrickson would be Morgan Freeman, with a voice that makes everything seem like Shakespeare. Now, thanks to his new Audio-Visceral Productions audio books, you can hear him whenever you want. Enjoy Hendrickson in the car, the tub, wherever—he won’t ask. 

-- Minnesota Monthly

Steve Hendrickson has been a professional actor in New York, LA and Minneapolis for over 40 years. He is a fiendish film buff who enjoys baseball, Aikido, listening to old-time radio drama, swimming and cycling. In his time he has survived a force-ten gale in the North Atlantic, Yale Drama School and the smothering affection of four sisters. He would be hard-pressed to say which was the most frightening. As a boy he spent many happy Saturday mornings hustling pool at the Minneapolis YMCA to feed his addiction to Walt Disney's Mary Poppins, which he saw seven times. He grew up memorizing story-time LPs which has fed his devotion to the drama of the spoken word.


For Audio-Visceral: Sherlock Holmes in Minnesota Audiobook Project  Three Viewings - Tell-Tale;  Murderers - The Man Who Murdered His Mother--in-Law


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