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Audio-Visceral is excited to announce a partership with Minnesota Writer Larry Millett to produce the audiobook versions of Larry's acclaimed "Sherlock Holmes in Minnesota" series

Individual CD boxed sets available from Blackstone Audio and digital downloads on our website. Also available through, Amazon, iTunes and other digital outlets.

In 1894, American railroad magnate James J. Hill summons Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson to Minnesota to save the Great Northern Railroad and Hill's own person from the threats of a madman calling himself the "Red Demon." In the great massive pineries of northern Minnesota, Holmes and Watson race against time to stop the killer and prevent what came to be known as "The Great Hinckley Forest Fire."

Millett's characters are wonderful eccentrics who come alive in Hendrickson's lively presentation. Most entertaining is his rendering of the good-natured sparring between Holmes and Watson as they "go native" in dress and speech. When they close in on the perpetrator, they must visit Mother Mary's brothel, which is Hendrickson's finest moment. The closing battle between Holmes and the Red Demon on a railroad trestle offers listeners a delicious sense of déjà vu." -- Audiofile Magazine

Book One: Sherlock Holmes and the Red Demon 
Book Two: Sherlock Holmes and the Ice Palace Murders

The year is 1896, and St. Paul’s magnificent Winter Carnival is under way when Holmes and Watson are summoned by the city’s most powerful man, railroad magnate James J. Hill. A wealthy young man disappears on the eve of his wedding—and his fiancée suspiciously discards her wedding dress. After a grisly discovery in the carnival’s Ice Palace leads to a flurry of clues, Holmes is on the case. His pursuit of the murderer takes him through the highest echelons of St. Paul society and into cahoots with Shadwell Rafferty, a gregarious saloonkeeper and part-time private investigator. Soon Holmes, Watson, and Rafferty are embroiled in a perilous adventure that takes them from one frozen corner of the city to another and out onto the treacherous ice of the Mississippi River as they trail a cruel and ruthless killer.

"Hendrickson vividly delivers the book's descriptions of a Minnesota winter as the pair is called upon to investigate the murder of Jonathan Upton days before his wedding. Hendrickson's best creation is crafty Irish barkeep Shadwell Rafferty, who helps Holmes and Watson understand the alien land they find themselves in. An unanticipated and deeply moving conclusion will move listeners to tears." -- Audiofile Magazine

Book Three: Sherlock Holmes and the Rune Stone Mystery 

It is 1899 and Sherlock Holmes is bored between cases at 221B Baker Street. So when King Oskar II of Sweden—who has heard of the discovery of the Kensington Rune Stone by a farmer in Minnesota—asks to engage his services, Holmes jumps at the chance to decipher the runes and determine whether the find is real or a hoax. With Dr. John H. Watson by his side, faithfully recording every detail, Holmes makes his way to Minnesota for a thid time. But, in the first of many strange and unfortunate coincidences, the farmer who found the mysterious stone is murdered, and the stone itself is stolen on the day the famous detective arrives.

With the help of St. Paul detective and saloon-keeper Shadwell Rafferty, now a friend and partner, Holmes must solve this baffling case to find both the stone and the murderer.

Book Four: Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Alliance coming fall 2017

On the eve of President William McKinley's visit to Minneapolis in 1899, the body of a union activist is found strung from a tree outside a ruined mansion, with a placard around his neck bearing the ominous words the secret alliance has spoken. Shadwell Rafferty, a local saloonkeeper with a passion for "the detectin' game," embarks on his first case and uncovers more questions than answers. As the puzzle deepens, Rafferty is joined, just in time, by his old friends Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Filled with history, suspense, and vivid characters, this is a magnificent addition to Larry Millett's entertaining series of Sherlock Holmes mysteries.

Book Five: The Disappearance of Sherlock Holmes  coming spring 2018 

SHERLOCK HOLMES DISAPPEARS, POLICE SUSPECT FAMED DETECTIVE IN KIDNAPPING AND MURDER reads a New York headline. So begins the fifth mystery in Larry Millett’s series.

A letter, written in a secret cipher he recognizes all too well, reveals that an old foe of Holmes—a murderer he once captured after an incredible duel of wits—is back, has kidnapped his previous victim’s widow, and is now impersonating Holmes himself. Holmes must once again match wits with a particularly cunning adversary, one whose hatred of Holmes has seemingly become the killer’s single greatest obsession.

Chasing the kidnapper from London to New York to Chicago, Holmes and Watson race to keep up. Every move Holmes makes is expected; every trap proves elusive. Only with the assistance of his American cohort, the saloonkeeper Shadwell Rafferty, can Holmes hope to settle the score once and for all—or be framed for the crime himself.

Book Six: Sherlock Holmes and the Eisendorf Enigma  coming July 4, 2017 


"Do you remember the monster of Munich? Not one of your greatest successes, Mr. Holmes. But you have a second chance. Come and see Eisendorf."


1920: A weakened Holmes is receiving treatment for emphysema at the Mayo Clinic when a mysterious note is slipped under his door. A cunning, vicious and ruthless murderer who slipped his grasp in 1892 now dares Holmes seek to him out in Eisendorf, a tiny, dying village near Rochester, Minnesota. Holmes must match wits with a fiendish opponent who taunts him right up to a final, explosive confrontation.

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