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...are three confessions of murder most foul, all occurring the same night on the premises of Riddle Key, a luxury senior retirement facility in Sarasota Florida. Each murderer is unaware of the others and how each story subtly interweaves with the others. 


Gerald and Laura are a loving couple supporting champagne tastes on a beer budget. When Laura's mother Spiffy discovers she hasn't long to live, Gerald concocts a plan to keep her five million dollar estate "in the family." But when Gerald and Spiffy move to Florida to wait out Spiffy's death sentence at Riddle Key, old friends and new faces threaten to spoil the scheme, and a surprise twist throws a wrench into Gerald's plans unless he can pull off the perfect murder.

Man Who Married His Mother-in-Law sample - Steve Hendrickson & Jeffrey Hatcher
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 Lucy Stickler, the long-suffering wife of Bob, a septuagenarian who used to have a roving eye. Bob's been on his best behavior for the past twenty years, but when Margaret Faydle, the still-glamorous femme fatale who stole him from Lucy when they were young, takes up residence at Riddle Key, Bob goes back into action. So Lucy constructs a diabolical plan to get rid of her cheating spouse and his AARP inamorata once and for all.

MATCH WITS WITH MINKA LUPINO introduces Riddle Key's ever-sunny, ever-helpful receptionist. Minka is a fan of crime novels who becomes an avenging angel on a mission to rid the retirement community of its predators: the conniving heirs, the sticky-fingered health-care workers, the shady salesmen and crooked contractors who prey upon helpless senior citizens. But when Minka comes face to face with her idol, a famous mystery novelist who has retired to Riddle Key, she learns she's met her match.

coming Fall 2017

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