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Countdown to our funding launch!

We're raising funds to produce a multi-cast audiobook production of STRONGWOOD.


No money yet!Just let us keep you in the loop!

Thanks for signing up. You totally rock!

Larry Millett


Steve Hendrickson


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STRONGWOOD is the seventh novel in Larry Millett's nine-volume Minnesota Mysteries series featuring Sherlock Holmes and Shadwell Rafferty.

It is 1903 in Minneapolis and amid allegations of seduction, rape, and blackmail, Michael Masterson is shot dead and Addie Strongwood goes on trial for first-degree murder. As the case unfolds in a welter of conflicting evidence and surprise discoveries, a jury must decide whether Addie acted in self-defense or killed her one-time lover with the coldest of calculation.

Unlike the other eight novels that employ a single narrator, STRONGWOOD is told through diary entires, newspaper articles, telegrams and trial transcripts. With a cast of over 30 speaking characters, STRONGWOOD cries out for a multi-cast production.

By making a contribution to our funding drive, you can help us pay the 15+ actors needed to bring STRONGWOOD to life!

We're seeking to raise $10,000 to pay our actors and cover production costs.

Give what you can! $5.00, $25.00, $100.00 -- every little bit helps!


Each pledge evel starts with a complimentary advance digital download of STRONGWOOD and the goodies increase with the pledge amount. Full details will be available on the Kickstarter campaign page.

No money yet!
Just let us keep you in the loop!

Thanks for signing up. You totally rock!

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